September 8, 2018
What’s in It for Mr. Cash Buyer? Our Business Model Reviewed

“Are you guys house flippers?”

As we’ve answered in a previous blog post: no, we are more than that! This post will delve into our pioneering business model and bring some much-needed transparency into our pricing practices too. Want to understand how Mr. Cash Buyer works? Read on…

We’re proud to have reimagined the traditional home selling and home buying system using the latest in communication tools, electronic document processing services, and time-saving technologies to expedite and simplify the experience. From requesting your offer to closing, we’ve streamlined the future of the real estate industry with our distinctive brand of customer-first service.

And we manage to do it for a more than reasonable fee—a minimum of 7% and a maximum of 13% based on the amount of time it will take to sell your home. This will pay fees that include taxes, maintenance, utilities, and more. More importantly, we are taking most of the risks and holding costs, ensuring you aren’t left to worry about it.

Mr. Cash Buyer can offer the industry know-how only years of experience can bring. We benefit from data from other home sales in your region, up-to-date market data, and local expertise to make you the best offer possible. We also include in our offer, our service charge and what we anticipate your total net proceeds will be. Of course, just because you request an offer, it obligates you to work with us further.

Our comprehensive set of services includes a free home inspection and an impartial estimate of the necessary repairs this assessment might uncover that a buyer is sure to ask for. This frees the house seller from this tedious step and gets on with other business.

Mr. Cash Buyer works hard to keep its fees low by always being attentive to possible cost-savings we immediately pass onto our clients. We value our sellers and know they have other options in selling their house but end up choosing us.

After Mr.Cash Buyer has bought your property, we take over its maintenance 100%, make the required repairs, and find a buyer for it. We have a complete catalog of different properties that we show on a selected schedule daily with no appointments necessary. And when a home buyer finds the property they are looking for, we make purchasing it even easier whether directly or through their own agent.

Mr. Cash Buyer is pro-customer and gives our sellers and buyers all the freedom and power to achieve their personal objective in today’s competitive real estate market!

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